Corporate philosophy
IVF Manifesto
Corporate philosophy

My Dream

To be the best fertility institute in China.

IVF Medical Group is a valuable brand name. We don’t conventionally advertise, but promote mostly through word of mouth. We keep the number of patients to a comfortable level to ensure every single treatment and service are of the highest standard.

One’s dream determines the way he thinks and works and yields specific results. Many entrepreneurs around the world, with their dreams, have contributed to numerous miracles and made their business the driving force of their domain.

Japan is a nation of family businesses. Influenced by the dreams that live through generations, even a small scale business can be delicate and beloved by customers.

There are also many business legacies around the world such as in Japan, Britain, France, Italy and the United States. A recent research on the longest-lasting enterprise indicated that those evergreen undertakings mostly live on dreams and focus on one particular domain of business. Those dreams have gone well beyond conventional corporate management to a combination of philosophy and attitude which have become the bedrock of a society and the people living within.

There were also many Lao Zi Hao (Old Brand Name) created in the past days of China. However, different from the Japanese market, competition plays a more important role in those Chinese brand names than inhabited values. They were buried by the tide of globalization. Also buried was the pursuit of dreams that could have lifted it up to the present day  and the future. A brand without a dream is like a man without soul who would be out of focus and wandering to nowhere.

It inspired me when I was talking to a Japanese entrepreneur that we should concentrate on what we are currently working on, which has also inspired generations of Japanese business to be determined while eyeing on details and working from scratch with patience if that is what it takes to be a world renown enterprise like most of Japanese companies did in the past decades.

I also have a dream of establishing an IVF Charity Fund, rewarding those work in IVF-ART domain, helping those struggling conceiving their babies, building schools for those IVF descendants who are down in their lives and publishing works that help people to stay healthy.


  Bees have been IVF Medical Group’s totem, hardworking and full of sweet honey.


Core Value

  Professional, Service, Honesty, Dedication

Six Senses

  Legitimate, Safe, Progressive, Service, Competitive, Efficient

Corporate Philosophy

  Law-abiding, Attention to profit, Consider public interest


  To be a respectful company


  To help create life and to pass on happiness

IVF Manifesto

  We believe in honesty, people, scientific diagnosis and treatments;

  We do not falsely record, not overly prescript and not overdo any treatment;

  We put together talents to create a highly specialized, advanced and respectful infertility hospital!

  With recent technologies, we strive to help those infertile become parents of a healthy child!

Corporate Slogan

  It’s all about getting pregnant!


  In the next decade, in 30 Chinese cities of various sizes, IVF Medical Group is going to build up comprehensive fertility chain hospitals providing prenatal care, professional obstetrics and postnatal care.

Rule of Conduct

  To value our patients; To make good use of technology; To be an upright medical institution.