To always be there for our patients,
as a respected and trusted healthcare
provider across all areas related to
reproductive medicine or life science.

Who we are

In 2001, China IVF Medical Group was founded under the hands-on guidance of Professor Lizhu Zhang who was the pioneer and created the first IVF baby in China. Today, we are the largest private chain of IVF hospitals in China, serving 5 major metropolitan areas and offering exceptional clinical services and compassionate care to infertile patients.

We have performed about 150,000 egg retrieval cycles and achieved an overall 63% clinical pregnancy rate / first embryo transfer. By far, we have brought more than 60,000 babies to families through our fertility treatments and made differences in our patients’ lives.

Our team currently have about 700 full-time staff, including 70 doctors, 30 embryologists and about 130 nurses, performing more than 13,000 cycles per year.

Our Hospitals